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Emergency Dental Care


Emergency Dental Care

Dental Emergencies are never convenient or timely. At Market Place Dentistry, we are committed to our patients’ dental health. Pain, trauma, or dental injuries can keep us from focusing on our lives and disrupts our daily routines. We strive to keep our patients healthy and minimize the need for Emergency Care. However, if you have Dental Emergency we will try to take care of you.

In the meanwhile, we want to share some general instructions and notes of precautions to follow before your appointment. If the Dental Emergency has resulted from trauma, please consider seeking medical evaluation prior to dental evaluation. Most head injuries or concussions are not readily visible. If a restoration or prosthesis has fractured or dislodged, please bring the remaining restoration in a plastic baggy to the office. Refrain from putting the restoration or prosthesis back in the mouth. Try not to eat on the side of the fracture or injury. It would be best if you can eat soft food on the opposite side until you have been assessed. If you are in pain, please take over the counter medication to control the discomfort.

During regular office hours, we will try to assist you on the same day. An assessment of the trauma or emergency will be conducted prior to scheduling follow-up treatment, this may include digital radiographs. After-hour care is available and we have an Emergency after hour services. Prescriptions cannot be given without being seen by the doctor.


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